What can Nightwatch do for you?

Nightwatch is an all-natural energy drink made from guayusa (gwhy-you-sa). Guayusa is a super leaf that is found almost exclusively in the Amazonian forests of Ecuador.

Nightwatch is a revolutionary energy drink, based on the guayusa leaf, it provides focus and power. 

Amazonian Quichua tribe members drink guayusa to sharpen their instincts while guarding their villages at night when hunting or during rituals. These men are called: 'the nightwatchmen'. They say guayusa has cleansing properties, provides longer life and helps overcome day to day adversary. 

Nightwatch is flavoured by fruit and flower extracts; in other words, less sugar and more taste of nature (no sugar added and no artificial processed sweeteners)

The total carbohydrate content in Nightwatch is only 4,2 grams per 100 ml.

What can Nightwatch offer you?

Nightwatch's main ingredient is guayusa, a super herb from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Nightwatch offers you all the energy needed at any particular moment without the energy highs and lows associated with coffee and artificially caffeinated energy drinks. Nightwatch contains healthy energy straight from the plant. Nightwatch does not contain any artificial additives.

Nightwatch gives you all the energy and focus which is needed, without feeling hyped due to excessive amounts of caffeine. Other actives such as Theobromine, Guanidine and L-Theanine make the Nightwatch effect smooth and gentle. 

Nightwatch offers you a great and tasty experience! It is cold brewed and flavoured to perfection, using nothing but fruits and flower extracts.


Unique Benefits

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What we stand for at Nightwatch is positive energy. It is something important of all times but especially now. There are a lot of people that endure long days of work and the absence of a good night sleep. The people in medical care, the police, firefighters; not all heroes wear capes. These vital professions are the ones that keep on going, even after 9am, when we stay inside.

When the world goes to sleep, you carry on. Nightwatch thanks you for that. Our billboards will light up in the dark to show you our support and gratitude. 

Use our unique code #VitalWork, for vital professions only. Our all-natural drink will give you the positive energy without the side effects that coffee and artificial energydrinks contain. Like the nightwatchmen you will have the power to get through yet another night. 

Stay positive, test negative! 



Nightwatch' main ingredient is the Amazonian plant guayusa. The plant contains natural caffeine and sharpens your instincts. Because of our all-natural ingredients you will feel positive energy only. Our drink doesn't give you any artificial highs or lows. It will only make sure you stay focused to get the job done. 

For vital workers only: use our code #VitalWork to get a 15% discount on our product and get free shipping aswell! Feel free to share the code with you colleagues.  


Also available at: online and offline Jumbo, Hoogvliet, Jan Linders, Ekoplaza, Odin other organic supermarkets. 

For all vital workers: 15% discount and free shipping
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