The source of local mountain spring water

The source of local mountain spring water

The patience of water.

Miracles exist. Let’s take water, every molecule has existed for billions of years and has cycled through all layers of our planet countless times. Every molecule has been elsewhere and everywhere. In the bodies of creatures and bacteria extinct for millions of years. Once present in the stems and leaves of plants and flowers long gone, you can today squeeze any fruit to see what billion year old water can do.

The solar powered never-ending water cycle keeps us alive and well on the planet we call home. Water distributes the sugars and energy, needed for survival, to every cell in our bodies. 

Water makes it possible for the Guayusa plant to grow the energy packed leaves we so cherish. It made it possible for creatures to slowly evolve into the species we are. Slowly slowly, water has waited 5 billion years for us to add Guayusa leaves to it and figure out the amazing benefits of this natural energizing composition.

Nightwatch: brewed with billion year old Alpine water, gives you the power to go where you need to go in a considerably shorter time.

Compared to water’s extreme patience, Nightwatch is extremely fast. (just the way we like it)


One Tray sold One Tree Planted

Everything Nightwatch is revolves around a tree. The Ilex Guayusa tree has been very good for us humans. We're sure we don't need to elaborate on the need for planting trees or the necessity of creating a sustainable environment.

Nightwatch will Plant One Tree for every sale where promotion code 'Tree' is used. We will ask our network to donate to the One Tree Planted campaign.

One Tray sold One Tree Planted
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