Nightwatch @ Kashmir Lounge

Nightwatch @ Kashmir Lounge

The Kashmir Lounge started out as a DJ Cafe and Coffeeshop, When there was a big need for people to chill in the Old West side of Amsterdam, Renee Wouda came to the rescue and created a great place to have a drink and a joint while chilling to great music. The Kashmir Lounge was one of the first DJ Café/Coffeeshops in the Netherlands and every night there is a different line up of DJs playing an eclectic mix of music for your pleasure. In 2012 Kashmir Lounge was awarded  #1 Dj Cafe in Amsterdam by The Kashmir has been used as a film location for a number of motion pictures as well as a number of music videos and is well known by locals and international visitors alike. After all these years the Kashmir lounge is still proud that many people old and young consider it the place to be in the Amsterdam! And now Nightwatch is proud te be part of this DJ experience by adding its special blend of energy to the mix. Nowadays the Kashmir Coffee Shop is situated just across the street from the Kashmir Lounge Dj Café. (Nightwatch is available there as well.)

Drink Nightwatch all natural energy for focus and power!

Music & Dj's

R.K.L.A. Radio Kashmir Lounge Amsterdam, They broadcast 24/7 live-music from the Kashmir lounge. Live Dj's & Live Music Performances, various music styles. Check the events Agenda page for detailed artist line-up.

Smokers Friendly

The Kashmir Lounge is known for the coziest designated smokers area in Amsterdam. Besides that; they have a nice outside terrace. Free use of Vaporizer, Shisha & Bongs. Ask for the selection of Glass Art Pipes & Grinders.   

Kashmir Lounge Dj Café, Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85 / 87
From Amsterdam Central station take tram 17
get out at tram stop J.P.Heijestraat.

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