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Is Nightwatch a substitute for sleep?


Nightwatch is no substitute for sleep. Even though Nightwatch may keep you going longer, after you've had your fun or at the end of your working day you should rest. 

Why don't you sweeten with natural Stevia leaf?

It is not allowed. 

What people call “stevia" is actually the refined isolated and concentrated chemical E960. Steviolglycosides have chemically been stripped of everything that’s good for us. Minerals and other naturally beneficial compounds have been removed to get a highly concentrated product. Stevia leaf is natural, white crystalline stevia powder or concentrated stevia syrup is certainly not natural. The leaf is “only” some 35 times sweeter than sugar and contains all the minerals and compounds the body needs to process stevia. Heavily processed and chemically refined Stevia E960 is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been stripped of anything natural by industry. We should choose for green stevia powder but this is not legally available. 

Our brains need a blood sugar level of about 5 grams per 100ml to function. Any beverage or food with a sugar content lower than 5 grams per 100 ml could actually help you get rid of your sugar addiction. A product that contains say “40 % less sugar” but is boosted to the same experience of extreme sweetness by adding refined stevia will keep you in the same place: addicted to extreme sweetness.

Nightwatch has chosen to not add anything artificial, no E-numbers, no synthetics and presently we choose to contain less than 5 grams of low glycemic index plant sugars per 100 ml. (currently 4,9 grams per 100 ml)

Energy drinks are generally not healthy. How come Nightwatch is a healthy energy drink?

The all natural ingredients contain: minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Besides natural caffeine Guayusa contains beneficial actives like L-theanine and Guanidine. Furthermore the low amount of low glycemic index fruit sugars (4,9gr/100ml) are a more healthy alternative to the high levels of refined sugar most energy drinks contain. 

Since research shows aspartame to be detrimental to health what can you say about aspartame in Nightwatch or beverages in general?

Nightwatch will never ever sweeten with anything artificial nor use heavily processed sweeteners (such as E960 stevia), there is no need to worry about shady sweetening practices. There is a trend to reduce sugar in beverages. Many large brands have reduced added sugar to be "low in calories" but are adding sweeteners to remain as "sweet" as they where previously. Thus keeping you addicted to extreme sweetness.

Nightwatch currently contains 4,9 grams of carbohydrates per 100 ml. 

Why is natural caffeine better than artificial caffeine?

One is not better or worse than the other, they are chemically identical. What makes guayusa caffeine better for your health are the accompanying xanthine alkaloids like L-theanine which is known for its relaxing properties and hence lessen some of the less desired side effects of caffeine. 

Why does Nightwatch add sugar? No sugar at all is better, right?

We do not add sugar,

We only add fruit juice to refresh the flavor of the drink, a drink should off course taste very good. Also a little bit of low glycemic index fruit sugar adds to the experience of Nightwatch.

What is the magic of guayusa?

Guayusa consists of many good constituents that result in good effects on body and mind:

Theophylline, an uplifting stimulant, enhances cognitive function,

Caffeine, naturally high levels of long lasting, slow-release caffeine,

15 essential amino acids, including luceine vital for muscle repair.

L-theanine, protects and repairs the brain and promotes relaxation.

Theobromine, a stimulant/anti-inflammatory that is known to reduce blood pressure and aid a blissful mood,

Vitamins and minerals, vitamins D and C, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chromium,

It's tannin free, easy to prepare and no bitterness like other herbal extracts

Sweetness, naturally clean taste and slightly sweet finish and a silky mouthfeel.

How to define Positive Energy?


In the Ecuadorian jungle, the guayusa plant converts the energy of the star that gives us Life, the light of the sun, into sugars and the special blend of actives you find in Nightwatch. Powered by the sun and focussed by guayusa, nature’s literally found a way to put the sun in Nightwatch.. 

It’s kind of extreme and off-course; energy is energy, but this type of energy might be the positive energy we’re talking about.

Nature goes to the extreme to put the sun in Nightwatch.

All we can do is direct you to our webshop.

Is the regulation of sugar in energy drinks the same in every country?


Every country has their own rules concerning sugar content. Some countries even completely banned the sales of high sugary energy drinks and many the sales to minors.

You mention Nightwatch is unique, what about other guayusa drinks?

More and more guayusa drinks are entering the market since people are discovering the great effect of the guayusa leaf. Nightwatch is happy with this development, we are are all on the same page in offering people better and healthier alternatives to the ‘first generation’ energy drinks. Nightwatch is the first European guayusa energy-drink, we brew from fresh leaves, we have our own drying facility in Ecuador to ensure the maximum preservation of flavor, taste and actives like xanthines, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Nightwatch has been playing with these parameters for years to create great taste and effect. Nightwatch has created a special flavor blend made from flowers that resonates with the flavor and effect of guayusa. Amongst other things, Nightwatch has  set up an independant foundation to preserve the knowledge of the indigenous people from the  Amazon: Greenmatters foundation.

This makes Nightwatch the unique all natural energydrink.

What do you do in order to prevent misuse of energy drinks?

We have a maximum recommended daily intake. Anything can be misused, like coffee, but because of the low sugar content Nightwatch is much less likely to be abused than traditional high sugar content energy drinks.

Guayusa contains L-theanine. What is it?

The guayusa leaf contains L-theanine, it is a type of amino acid that protects and repairs the brain and promotes relaxation. When combined with caffeine, it counteracts the jitters and increased heart rate often associated with caffeine. You will be able to enjoy a smooth energy boost without crashing.

How long after opening Nightwatch should I drink it?

We recommend you finish drinking your Nightwatch drink 24 hours after opening. You can keep it in the fridge for longer but it will likely lose the fizz.

What kind of herb is Guayusa?

Guayusa is special, 

To the Quichua people from Ecuador. The secret knowledge about cultivation and use of Guayusa spread from the Inca empire a long time ago. They say a daily cup of tea brewed from this invigorating, uplifting plant gives strength, focus and endurance all day long. It enhances their hunting senses, purifies the blood and gives energetic protection. Some aging above 80 say it is thanks to Guayusa they retained their vigor and virility for so many years.

More info on guayusa

What ingredients are in Nightwatch?

Water, Herbs, Fruits, Flowers

Nothing else. Nightwatch is flavored with extracts from organically grown fruits and flowers. 

No additives.

Is there any sugar added to Nightwatch?


Nightwatch uses only fruit juices to sweeten the guayusa brew.

Total carbohydrate content is 4,9 grams naturally present fruit sugars per 100 ml.

No sugars, no sweeteners, artificial or heavily processed, are added.

How much caffeine does Nightwatch contain?

Nightwatch contains:

32mg caffeine per 100ml, that's

105,6mg per 330 ml bottle and

80 mg per 250 ml can.

There's nothing here to scare coffee drinkers. A cup of coffee can contain up to 200 mg of caffeïne.

Our recomended daily maximum consumption is 4 bottles of Nightwatch. It’s safe for most healthy adults to consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.  

It comes down to a max of 4 - 330ml bottles and 5 - 250ml cans per day.

Is there any caffeine added to Nightwatch?


Nightwatch doesn't add any extra caffeine. All the energy and good vibes you get from drinking Nightwatch comes from the Guayusa plant.

How much sugar does Nightwatch contain?

Total carbohydrate content is 4,9 grams per 100 ml.

Nightwatch contains 4,9 grams of natural sugars per 100 ml all from organic fruit concentrates. No sugar is added and we keep calories low.

How else can guayusa be used?

Traditionally guayusa is used to brew a tea for more energy.

Can guayusa be grown in greenhouses?


It can be grown in greenhouses.

Does Nightwatch influence me physically?


Caffeine is a stimulant and it works partly by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Speeding up the heart and breathing, making you feel more alert, and increasing muscle tension. This is why Nightwatch works very well for physical activities like sports.

Does the body react on an overdose of Nightwatch?


If you consume the same amount of caffeine on a daily basis, you develop a tolerance to it. Other factors like; age, body mass, and overall health can determine your tolerance to caffeine too.

It’s safe for most healthy adults to consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. Exceeding this might cause symptoms like headaches, insomnia, digestive issues or a rapid heart rate. Nightwatch recommends to not exceed 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.

Nightwatch contains:

32mg caffeine per 100ml, that's

105,6mg per 330 ml bottle and

80 mg per 250 ml can.


Do Nightwatch and adrenaline sports synergize?


Caffeine stimulates the production of adrenaline, when doing sports that also increase adrenaline (norepifedrine is the scientific term) the effects might add up.

You mention that other energy drinks contain more than 4,9 gr of sugar, but "zero" energy-drinks do not contain any sugar, right?


This is true, but they do contain: Aspartame, Sucralose, acesulfaam K. and/or heavily processed sweeteners such as isolated stevia (E960) . Although these substances are regulated and in small amounts considered safe for human consumption their use and safety is very controversial among the public and we advice people to do their own research on the internet concerning these substances.

Our brains need a blood sugar level of about 5 grams per 100ml to function. Any beverage or food with a sugar content lower than 5 grams per 100 ml could actually help you get rid of your sugar addiction. A product that contains say “40 % less sugar” but is boosted to the same experience of extreme sweetness by adding synthetic sweeteners or E960 (stevia) will keep you in the same place: addicted to extreme sweetness.

Nightwatch has chosen to not add anything artificial, no E-numbers, no synthetics and presently we choose to contain less than 5 grams of low glycemic index plant sugars per 100 ml. (currently 4,9 grams per 100 ml)

Can I drink Nightwatch when I am ill?


Being Ill is a very broad term, when suffering influenza, the caffeine, antioxidants and vitamins in Nightwatch might actually support symptomatic relieve. This is also the reasoning behind adding caffeine to many kinds of aspirin and paracetamol.

For most ailments, we suggest asking your doctor for advice. For example, we wouldn’t advise drinking Nightwatch when you have a stomach ulcer or suffer from insomnia.

Can I drink Nightwatch instead of vitamins?


You can drink Nightwatch instead of using vitamins, but there are many different types of vitamins which Nightwatch doesn't contain.

Nightwatch is not a substitute but is a source of some vitamins. (Nightwatch has initiated research to tell you which vitamins exactly)

Remember: neither Nightwatch nor supplemental vitamin products are a substitute for a healthy diet!

Nightwatch does contain a high value of antioxidants and those protect your cells against the effects of free radicals.

Are there contra-indications for drinking guayusa?

Pregnant and lactating women should avoid too much caffeine.

Which certificates does Nightwatch have?

Nightwatch is officially labeled with the EU Biologisch, Vegan, Gluten-free certificates. If you navigate in the menu to about us -> certificates you will see an overview of which other certificates we are aiming to get in the near future.

Can I mix Nightwatch with other beverages?


Nightwatch promotes mixing with non alcoholic beverages. Since caffeïne can mask the signs of alcohol intoxication Nighwatch would like you to reconsider mixing with alcohol.

Are there other products I can better not consume when drinking nightwatch?


Nightwatch contains caffeïne and other activating caffeïne like substances naturally present in the Ilex guayusa plant. When combined with other caffeïne containing drinks such as coffee your intake of caffeïne will be larger. 

There is no daily recomended dose but in general 400 mg is the maximum daily intake. 

Overconsumption of caffeïne can lead to restlesness and unease. 

If you are on medication you should check to see if consumption of caffeïne does not interfere with your medication.

What is the difference between the guayusa and coca plant?


Both Ilex guayusa and Erythroxylum coca are plants with activating secondary metabolites. They even share the same general habitat and are locally used to energize by the population. Guayusa leafs are boiled for effect and coca leafs are chewed.

However, the legal status of Erythroxylum coca and its isolated product cocaine make it a major factor in the suppression of farmers, the burning of forests and numerous deaths related to production of cocaine and its illicit export. 

Guayusa is legal, nourishing and peacefully cultivated and harvested.

Is there a Nightwatch PET bottle?


PET bottles are environmentally unfriendly.

Can ‘energy drinks’ provide ‘energy’ without sugar?


Given there are enough activating compounds present, such as caffeïne, it will give you energy. Consider a double espresso without sugar…..that’ll give you quite a (short) boost.

Is there a deposit on the bottle.


The deposit system for bottles was devised to encourage consumers to recycle glass. Today it is cheaper and less resources are used to just recyle glass using recyle bins. Also it is easier to mechanicaly sort glas from household garbage. In the Netherlands about 90% of glass is recycled.

Is it possible to smoke guayusa?


Ilex guayusa (nor your lungs) is not intended for smoking.

And all active constituents would be destroyed by the heat of combustion

Nightwatch advises against smoking anything.

What do you mean by natural in 'natural energy drink'?

It’s the Ilex guayusa plant’s survival strategy to be extremely beneficial to its users. By means of complex natural selection and taking thousands of years, guayusa is now perfectly tuned in to its users and gives them an advantage in day to day life. The plant creates a unique set off molecules, supporting us and giving us a head-start. Such beneficial plants are cherished by mankind and so secure their continuity. There are many partnerships like this between man and plant in nature. 

Nature is symbiotic by nature. Thats what we mean by natural.

Naturally you might just toss all sorts of chemicals and left over material from other industries in your lab, blend them with a selection of e-numbers, lots of sugar and synthetic or heavily processed natural sweeteners into a drink and naturally you can call this drink natural. Off-course you can. But the consumer is becoming more aware of these things and chooses something less artificial.

What is the traditional use of guayusa?

Guayusa is a sacred herb.

The Quichua live to be very old and even in their eighties, they are often fit and healthy enough to go hunting, even in a challenging environment such as the rainforest. They also use guayusa to stay awake and alert when they stand guard, or dance, all night during rituals. Hence the name Nightwatch. It gives them the energy to start the day, go hunting and cultivate their gardens. Life in the Amazon is hard and intense and the Indians claim it would be impossible to survive without guayusa. Now we too can use their secret to conquer our own jungle and get and stay empowered while at the same time we help the Amazon and its inhabitants to preserve their environment and culture.

What are the best circumstances for growing guayusa?


Ilex Guaysusa grows in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

Strains growing in Ecuador have a softer more refined flavour than strains growing in Peru and Colombia.

Guayusa grows best in its natural habitat. As consumption grows so will demand of guayusa. In order to prevent cutting of trees to plant more guaysua Nightwatch donates to several educational and reforestation projects in Ecuador.

Is there a difference between Guayusa from different area’s?


The environment, weather influences but mostly the terroir, meaning the composition of the earth makes up the ‘food’ for the guayusa trees. Different terroir means different flavor and effect. More sun means more focus and power.

Is processing guayusa done in a sustainable way?


The guayusa is grown organically (SKAL certified) and predried with solar energy. The last drying step is done in an energy efficient drying facility which is on natural gas for the time being but we will switch to biogas in the near future.

Is Nightwatch good for your bowel movement?


Several studies have shown that caffeïne can activate contractions in your colon and intestinal muscles promoting bowel movements.

Nightwatch contains:

32mg caffeine per 100ml, that's

105,6mg per 330 ml bottle and

80 mg per 250 ml can.

Is guayusa something like yerba mate?

Somewhat yes,

Guayusa (Ilex guayusa), from the upper course of the Amazon, is related to yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis), but yerba mate comes from the Atlantic rainforest. Both are caffeinated rainforest plants and part of the holly family. Guayusa and yerba mate both contain healthy polyphenols and caffeine, offering consumers extended energy.

Is guayusa healthy?


Here's a little article by one of the founders,

Aldo Hakman on guayusa

What's in other energy drinks making them bad for health.


Mainly large amounts of added sugar. Nightwatch sweetens using fruit juice and does not add anything artificial. A natural energy drink. Curently 4,9 grams per 100 ml. 4,9 grams of naturally present fruit sugars mind you! We do not add any sugar or sweeteners (artificial or heavily processed)

Can I Use Nightwatch as a pre-workout?

Yes you can,

Nightwatch is often used as a pre-workout. Popular pre-workouts can contain up to 450 mg of caffeïne per 7,5 gram scoop. Research shows us more caffeïne is not necessarily better for your workout, it even show us performance with less caffeïne (3 to 6 mg per kg bodyweight) is just as effective as performance with higer doses (9 mg per kg bodyweight).

You could conlude; 80 mg of caffeïne used as a pre-workout can be just as effective as a pre-workout scoop containing 250 mg of caffeïne.

A Nightwatch 250 ml can contains 80 mg of caffeïne. A 330 ml bottle 105,6 mg. 

Dont forget Nightwatch's main ingredient guayusa contains other activating compounds. Combined with naturally present caffeïne the synergetic effect is longer lasting with fewer 'ups' and 'downs' as experienced when scooping or even double scooping pre-workout products.


Where does your Guayusa come from?

Our Guayusa comes from the Napo region Ecuador, it is said the Napo region is like the ‘Champagne’ of the Guayusa trees where the best Guayusa come from.

The Napo terroir gives a unique blend of flavor and effect. According to connoisseurs this is the best quality available.

What makes your Guayusa strain unique?

The Napo region in Ecuador,

This terroir gives a unique blend of flavor and effect. According to connoisseurs this is the best quality available. Furthermore our Guayusa gets a special drying treatment at very low temperatures immediately after harvesting to ensure the levels of anti-oxidants and the unique blend of beneficial actives are preserved all the way to the can or bottle.

Can you drink Nightwatch when pregnant or breastfeeding?


As with all caffeinated drinks it is not advisable to consume them when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does Nightwatch contain gluten?


Nightwatch does not contain any gluten. 

Is Nightwatch good to stay awake while driving a car?


It helps to stay awake,

However Nightwatch does not recommend driving a car when you are sleepy. When driving long distances please, please, please make sure you are well rested and take a fifteen minute break every two hours of driving. Try to not exceed eight hours of driving per day. Drive safely, stay focussed.

Is Nightwatch an energy drink?


Nightwatch provides at least the same amount of energy as all other energy drinks, currently 32mg of caffeine per 100ml. Or 80mg per 250 ml can and 105mg per 330ml bottle. Other actives make Nightwatch differ from these drinks though. Longer lasting plant based energy, composed, designed and tweaked by nature, straight from the Ilex guayusa plant.

Can I drink Nightwatch when I am allergic to nuts?


Nightwatch contains no traces of nuts.

Are there any "hidden" sugars in nightwatch?


Nightwatch is aware of hidden sugars such as deionized apple juice. This is regular apple juice passed through an ion exchange resin in order to strip the juice of flavour, color and mineral content basically leaving just a sugar syrup. This sugar syrup can still be called "apple juice". Producers add this syrup to thousands of products just so they can avoid to have "added sugar" on their labels. Its a very comon marketing trick. Nightwatch does not add sugar nor deionized apple, pineapple, grape or other sugar syrups.  Nightwatch contains 4,9 grams of total carbpohydrates per 100 ml. 


Can drinking Nightwatch affect my stomach?


Guayusa, the main ingredient of Nightwatch, is used by members of the Quichua tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle as a stomach tonic and a diuretic, and it's believed to help increase fertility and calm body aches.

Several studies have shown that caffeïne can activate contractions in your colon and intestinal muscles promoting bowel movements.

Do the farmers use any artificial products to protect the plants from diseases?


The guayusa farmers use no pesticides, fertilizers or any other substance for the production of guayusa. We are also SKAL certified.

Does Nightwatch have health benefits?

Yes, it does.

When not exceeding the recommended dosage, the caffeine in Nightwatch may elevate mood and brain function. Furthermore, it supplies the body with essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Does the Glycemic Index influence your health?


A high glycemic index  (GI) causes a rapid rise in your blood sugar level. This results in getting the feeling of a 'rush', but quickly after that, you will experience an 'empty' feeling that makes you feel hungry again. A rapid rise in blood sugar levels also causes your body to generate a lot of insulin to quickly store the sugars as glycogen or triglycerides. In other words, if you do not use this energy immediately, it will be converted into fat. In addition, it will also increase the cholesterol levels. This is the main cause of cardiovascular disease. The rapid fluctuations in your insulin levels further cause an insensitivity to insulin, you will feel the need to get more and more energy. This is harmful to the pancreas in the long term.

A low GI on the other side, gives you a long lasting energy without layered feelings or a crash and thus prevents feelings of hunger. It improves your mood by slowly increasing and balancing the release of serotonin. It reduces the risk of diabetes 2 and protects against cardiovascular disease.

Does guayusa stimulate creativity?

Creativity is a very personal interpretation. Some people get much more creative and productive after consuming a caffeinated drink, for others they prefer to be in a very mellow state to let the inspiration flow.

Nightwatch may give you focus and power but the creativity is all you! (remember this!)

Will there be a cheaper Nightwatch brand available in the future?


Nightwatch doesn't want to squeeze the guayusa farmers for lower prices. Their profit is under enough pressure as it is.

Thank you for understanding.

Why is Nightwatch better than the competitor?

Nightwatch energy is natural.

All activating substances in Nightwatch are naturaly present in the guayusa leaf used to brew it. Nightwatch energy lasts longer and feels more balanced. Guayusa has numerous health benefits, Nightwatch is low in sugar and all sugars present are solely from the fruit juices we  use to sweeten. Nightwatch ingredients have never seen a laboratory. The energizing effect was designed by nature exclusively for the Ilex guayusa plant.

Here's an item on Guayusa:

More info on guayusa




Is guayusa kosher?

No, because Nightwatch contains grape extract and grapes are unfortunately not kosher, unless they are only touched by Jews.

The restrictions on grape products derive from the laws against using products of idolatry. Wine was commonly used in the rituals of all ancient religions, and wine was routinely sanctified for pagan purposes while it was being processed. For this reason, use of wines and other grape products made by non-Jews was prohibited.

Is there any risk of the presence of 'PAH' when guayusa is processed?


There is no chance of  PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon). After having been picked and washed, the guayusa leaves are checked for quality and pre dried in open air. The pre-dried leaves are carefully transported to our facility in Quito, where the final product is prepared using a gas oven at a controlled temperature. Our guayusa is not roasted or smoked - these are the processes that could cause the presence of PAH - as is often the case in yerba mate.

How much caffeine does Guayusa contain?

Nothing that will scare coffee drinkers..

A dose of 5 grams (an average tea bag) contains about 20-30 mg of caffeine. Each bottle of Nightwatch contains 102.3 mg.

A single cup of coffee can contain up to 200mg caffeine.

You mentioned that Nightwatch is healthy, but caffeine is not healthy, right?

It totally depends on the amount of caffeine, research shows: when taken in moderation caffeine has many health benefits.

To name a few: 

- Caffeine increases memory

- Caffeine relieves discomfort associated with sleep loss

- Caffeine may protect against Parkinson’s disease

- Caffeine may help ward off Alzheimer’s

- Caffeine increases stamina during exercise

- Caffeine may prevent skin cancer

- Caffeine may reduce fatty liver in those with non-alcohol related fatty liver disease

- Caffeine is shown to reduce liver fibrosis risk in patients with hepatitis C. As little as 100 mg per day is believed to have protective benefits

- Caffeine consuming men showed increased semen volume and significantly less sperm DNA fragmentation than non-caffeine consuming men

Men who consume 250-375 mg of caffeine per day have a much lower risk of developing ED (erectile dysfunction)

This is why we recommend a maximum daily intake. Since everybody reacts differently it's advisable to find out how much Nightwatch you can drink every day and still feel extremely good. Some people drink 1 cup of coffee and others 8, its a bit like that.

Which active ingredients does Nightwatch contain?


Xanthine alkaloids,

Nightwatch contains Xanthine alkaloids. This is the family of molecules to which Caffeine (coffee, tea), Theobromine (cocao, tea) and Theophylline (Cacao, Tea) belong. The Xanthines in Nightwatch are naturaly present in the guayusa leaf used to brew Nightwatch. They are bound in a complex way releasing their energy slowly over time without the energy highs and lows you can experience from drinking coffee and artificially caffeinated energy drinks. The natural xanthine blend in Guayusa gives a focussed, positive flow throughout the day.

Besides it’s Xanthine effect, it has high ORAC values (anti-oxidants), almost twice as values found in regular green tea. It contains L-Theanine, shown to relax the central nerve system. There is a presence of Phenolic compounds and Flavonoïds preventing cell damage by oxidative stress. Guanidine has hypoglycemic properties, lowering blood sugar levels and helps prevent a quick rise in sugar uptake. Oleanolic and Ursolic acid are recognized as anti-inflammatory and antiviral.

When's a good time to drink Nightwatch?


Do consider; Nightwatch activates and energizes..

Maybe not what you need right before you want to sleep..

Can guayusa also be grown in greenhouses?


Nightwatch has funded a feasibility study for growing guayusa in Dutch green houses.

Currently several plants are being cultivated in a heated greenhouse to get them through the winter period. The plants are doing well but it is too early to state if they can be grown sustainably and economically viable in greenhouses.

This study will reach completion this summer 2019.

More information will be forthcoming.

Where does guayusa grow?

Ecuador, Peru, Colombia

Guayusa grows in the upper course of the Amazon. Nightwatch gets the leaves only from Ecuador, which is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. In order to ensure that the guayusa is cultivated organically and sustainably, we only work with farmers who are inspected annually.

For whom is Nightwatch suitable?

For almost everyone, 

Students drink Nightwatch to stay focused when they’re studying, entrepreneurs to get things done, sportsmen drink it to enhance their performance. Nightwatch is also an excellent thirst-quencher at parties and festivals. Our Nightwatch Bar can often be found at such events, enabling you to party all night in a healthy way without having to deal with a hangover the next day.

As with all caffeinated drinks it is not suitable to consume them when pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not suitable for children.

What's better; bottle or can?

No difference as far as the drink goes.

Environmentally, aluminum has a lesser footprint than glass. Its not as heavy which makes it cheaper to transport but the most important factor is the recyclability of aluminum. In the Netherlands 95% of aluminium is recycled. Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely with no loss in quality.

Can I mix Nightwatch with alcohol ?

Nightwatch contains caffeine and other central nervous system stimulants. Nightwatch gives you focus and increases attention and it will also diminish your ability to judge if you had enough alcohol to drink. This can lead to overindulgence. You are free to do as you please but Nightwatch would like you to reconsider combinations with alcohol.

What’s the definition of an ‘energy drink’ ?

The official definition:

A beverage containing multiple ingredients which serve, with expressed intent, one or more facets of perceived neurological and/or psychophysiological efficiency.

In general this is what a beverage needs to be an ‘energydrink’

  • several ingredients know to boost energy
  • expression of intent to increase energy        

‘Energy’ can be either a boost in mental stamina, mental efficiency, alertness or anything else perceived as a brain boost. Promises of purely physical energy boosts do not qualify.  

Is guayusa a tea?


Guayusa (Ilex) is a different plant species. It is related to the holly and native to the Amazon rainforests. Even though it is no tea, it is prepared the same way. ‘Tea’ refers to Camellia sinensis originating from South-East Asia. Green, black and white teas are all derived from this plant; the harvesting and drying process determines the flavour of the tea. Guayusa has a naturally soft and mild taste and is harvested, dried and processed as you would a green tea.

Does Nightwatch deliver the same 'energy' as mainstream/regular energy drinks?


Nightwatch contains about the same amount of caffeïne per ml. as most energy drinks. 


Nightwatch's main ingredient guayusa contains other activating compounds absent in these regular energy drinks. Compounds such as Theobromine, Theophylline and L-Theanine. Naturally present compounds mind you, not composed in labs or synthethic but simply nature's way of doing things. Combined with naturally present caffeïne the synergetic effect is longer lasting with fewer 'ups' and 'downs' as experienced when drinking coffee or artificially caffeinated energy drinks.

Do I drink Nightwatch before, during or after exercise?

You can use,

Nightwatch as a pre-workout drink since it will energize you. If you experience a dip in energy during your workout, Nightwatch wil keep you going just that little bit longer and after you're done it will invigorate you and quench your thirst.

Are there any Nightwatch promotions I should know of?


Subcribe to our newsletter and receive all current promotional offers.

Is Nightwatch certified organic?


Nightwatch is fully BIO SKAL/EU organic certified.

The EU organic logo gives visual identity to European Union produced organic products sold in the EU. This makes it easier for EU based consumers to identify organic products The EU organic logo can only be used on products that have been certified as organic by an authorized control agency or body. This means that Nightwatch has fulfilled strict conditions on how it is produced, transported and stored.

Nightwatch also has Vegan Society certification. 

What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant, they help protect the body against oxidative stress. This protective effect is essential to healthy aging and helps reduce the risks of various forms of illness.

Guayusa is a potent source of antioxidants and only raw cacao powder has more antioxidants than brewed guayusa.

Are you using any special growing techniques to enhance flavour or effect?


The Guayusa trees are grown in ‘Chacras’ according to ancient permaculture like techniques. No pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemicals are used during cultivation.. Only fresh young leaves are hand selected during the harvest by people who have been working with this tree for many generations.

Does Nightwatch contain synthetic or natural (extracted from semen or urine ) taurine?


Nightwatch is happy to inform you: no animals were harmed during producing Nightwatch. Neither do we add anything synthetic. No synthetic taurine or anything else. The energy in Nightwatch is natural. It comes to you as designed by nature in the Ilex guayusa plant.

The nightwatch Vegan certification would absolutely not allow animal products to be added nor would our Skal/Eu organic certification allow for the adition of synthetic taurine.

Is guayusa, or an extract of guayusa legal in the European Union?

Yes, aqueous extracts from dried leaves of Ilex guayusa are permitted. See: EU regulations 258/97 article 5.


Where does the name Nightwatch originate from?

Quichua communities use guayusa to stay awake and alert when they stand guard, or dance, all night. Hence the name Nightwatch.

Do you care for the farmers?


Nighwatch pays them a healthy price for their guayusa harvest, directly to them no middlemen. Nightwach has donated funds to purchase leaf drying equipment so they can dry their harvest without middlemen owning drying equipment taking a chunk of the profit.

As Nightwatch grows our conrtibutions to these projects will increase.

Can I start a Nightwatch community?


You can always unite your friends in a community or... 

join ours;

Does Nightwatch contribute to a better life for the farmers?


Nightwatch does so by donating to NGO's preventing poverty and illiterism. We donate to reforestation projects, We have donated funds for guayusa harvest drying equipment. 

As nightwatch grows so will the level of our commitment and donations.

Organizing promotions cost money. Why does Nightwatch do promotions?

In order to promote Nightwatch...

Nightwatch is a growing brand, we feel socialy responsible and have set many sustainability goals. In order to reach the targets we set we need, plainly put, money. Promotions are a proven marketing tool to give publicity to growing brands such as Nightwatch and are proven to increase sales. Besides that it gives Nightwatch an opportunity to reward buyers for their support.

Can I donate in favor of the farmers?

Nightwatch does not accept donations but here's a list of NGO's we financially support; 

Feel free to donate!!

Is Nightwatch being cultivated, produced and distributed hygienically?


We check our guayusa leaf for contaminants.

The highly acknowledged team of Pfanner is a guarantee for production according to EU guidelines and regulations.

Once canned or bottled Nightwatch is distributed by proffesional partners.

Does Nightwatch pay environmental taxes?

Not at the moment,

Legislature for environmental taxation of beverage producers is vague and under revision. Nightwatch reserves money to pay these taxes as soon as it is required. 

Meanwhile Nightwatch donates to reforestation projects in Ecuador. Nightwatch feels obliged to do so.

Do guayusa farmers profit from Nightwatch?


We initiate projects to help Quichua communities develop better cultivation methods and to be able to profit from their traditional knowledge.

Can I organise a Nightwatch event at home?


the easiest way to organise a home event is to buy a 24 pack and get going.

For a proffesional event you can contact us:

Click to contact Nightwatch



Can I subscribe to a Nightwatch newsletter?


Thank you for your interest!

Navigate to our website:  Nightwatchdrink

A pop up will appear where you can register, our news letter holds deals and promotions!

What percentage of Nightwatch overal profit goes to Quichua tribes?

Nightwatch donates to several organisations,

Mainly NGO's operating in Ecuador, we sponsor scholarhsips, educational projects and we plant trees.

As Nightwatch makes more profit we will increase our commitment. (that means donate more).

There's no set donation percentage yet, Nightwatch will need to grow substantially before our accountant can set a percentage.

Are guayusa farmers not being exploited?


Unfortunately, sometimes they are,

Quichua tribes live in small communities making a living farming small crops. It is not easy to support the community this way. Costs for middleman with equipment for drying harvests, transport costs of produce to market etc. diminish profits. By donating to NGO's specialising in training communities Nightwatch helps prevent exploitation.


Can I organize a Nightwatch event at work or at an association?


Nightwatch would love to organize your proffesional event.

contact us:  Nightwatch Drink



Is your transportation 100% SKAL?


Nightwatch is fully Skal/EU Organic certified.

The EU organic logo can only be used on products that have been certified as organic by an authorized control agency or body. This means that Nightwatch has fulfilled strict conditions on how it is produced, transported and stored.

It took Nightwatch years to comply to these strict conditions. (talking about focus!)

What can I do for Nightwatch being available at my supermarket?

Ask for it!

You could send Nightwatch contact details of the person you asked and the shop adress and the Nightwatch sales team will contact them.

Why isn't Nightwatch available everywhere like your competitors?

Nightwatch is not simply a blend of sugar and additives.

Developing Nightwatch was a complicated proces, from cultivating guayusa in Ecuador to brewing Nightwatch at the Pfanner factory in Austria took us, in all its complexity, 6 years. Nightwatch is just getting ready to be seriously marketed. It will soon be available in stores near you!

Meanwhile you can order in our webshop.

Nightwatch web shop:

Is Nightwatch available at gas stations?


At the moment Nightwatch is available at the Kriterion gas station!

You can find Kriterion at IJburglaan 11 right next to the A10 in Zeeburg, Amsterdam

Is there a list of retailers selling Nightwatch?


and it's growing day by day...


Product Development

Are there any unlisted ingredients, carriers, excipients or bulking agents in Ilex Guayusa?


There are no pesticides, chemicals or any other agents used in growing, harvesting, disinfecting or processing guayusa. Ozonated water is used to disinfect the guayusa before drying. This is allowed by organic certifiers under USDA organic and EU organic regulations. Ozone is natural and disappears quickly, 10 minutes after exposure with the environment there is no residual ozone.

For every newsletter registration, we plant one tree

Nightwatch is all about trees

For every newsletter registration, we plant one tree
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