Achieve your goals with a healthy way of life

Achieve your goals with a healthy way of life

Goals in life: we’ve all got them. Whether it’s becoming a parent, getting your dream job or running that specific marathon. Goals differ for everybody, but they all have got something in common. In order to strive for them, to make them come true and enjoy them, you need one important thing. A healthy body and mind.

After it hasn’t not been a topic for a long time, mental health gained more attention over the years. While working longer days and getting less quality time for yourself, your mental health is important to keep an eye on. But have we therefore forgotten to maintain a healthy body? What you put in your body is an important part of that. Another part is sports. And exercise in general.


Exercise to energise.

To begin, half an hour of walking each day helps clear the mind and does wonders for your physical health. It lowers your blood pressure and gets the heart pumping. An extra 30 minutes of working out makes your stamina and muscles grow. 

Food gives you energy. And the right food gives you long-lasting and positive energy. Eating diverse and not going overboard in sugars should make for a healthy diet. But it is still possible to feel de-energised some days. Your body is, after all, only human. And when it needs some extra fire, there’s Nightwatch extreme energy drink 100% plant based for focus and power.

What can Nighwatch do for you?

Because we know how important a healthy body is, we wanted our extreme energy to be 100% plant based. The Ecuadorian guayusa plant provides caffeine. The fruits and flowers deliver taste and vitamins. We have added no sugars so you can enjoy it to the fullest and make sure there’s no ‘sugar crash’ afterwards. 

Sometimes, your body might need some extra help. Alcohol and other artefacts can do damage to your cells. Vitamins and antioxidants help cure that damage. The amount of antioxidants found in our guayusa is twice as high as that in green tea. These substances help to build up a healthy resistance. 

All in all, the key is balance. Walk, rest, work out: do what makes you feel energised. Nightwatch will be your friend, your focus and power. 

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