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About seven years ago we went on an adventurous journey, deep into the jungle of Ecuador. What we brought back from the Amazonian rainforest has changed our lives. 

In the Amazon, Quichua tribes harvest guayusa plants and use the leaves for their tea. They believe it sharpens their instincts which they need for hunting or during rituals. Drinking guayusa makes them able to focus more and gain power. They are called ‘nightwatchmen’. 

Back home, inspired by the nighwatchmen, we began doing research on all-natural energydrinks. We wanted to create a healthy energy drink that would make you feel good and balanced. So we went along and made a lot of extractions from the leaves combined with herbs, fruits and flowers and realized it had a surprisingly clear energizing effect. Without having a sugar rush or feeling down afterwards, Nightwatch had given us exactly what we were searching for: long lasting energy that will give you the power to focus on any event that needs that little bit of extra strength. 

But Nightwatch is so much more than just the energy. It is healthy for you but also supportive to the Quichua tribes who grow and collect our guayusa. By drinking Nightwatch you are enabling them to profit from their ancient knowledge and support them in preserving their culture and typical farming methods. 

To improve the quality of young planting material, Nightwatch initiates projects so the Quichua tribes can harvest healthy guayusa plants without depleting the Amazonian grounds. We cooperate with and donate to reforestation and research projects with an aim for creating opportunities for Quichua tribes to monetize their ancient knowledge without encroaching on the rainforest. As Nightwatch grows, our commitment to empower the communities will too.

Nightwatch is a company with a conscious mind and a heart for nature. We will point the way.


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Take part in our movement: follow Nightwatch socials and win promising rewards!
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