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Nightwatch is more than just energy.

About seven years ago, after an adventurous journey deep into the jungle, we brought back leaves from a special Amazonian rainforest plant named 'guayusa'. These leaves were consumed as a tea by Quichua tribesmen while keeping the 'nights watch' over their villages. Back home we started our research, performed many extractions (pots of tea) and experienced how guayusa focus and power naturally blended with our urban lifestyles.

Inspired by the Quichua “Nightwatchmen”, who have a centuries long tradition of drinking guayusa  to enhance their instincts and endurance, the idea was born to create a 100% plant based energy drink using herbs, fruits and flowers. A tastier and healthier, low calorie energy drink that gives you focus and power. Healthier for you, and supportive to the Quichua tribes who grow and collect our guayusa. By enabling you to enjoy the benefits of the guayusa plant Nightwatch is enabling the tribes to profit from their ancient knowledge and support them in preserving their culture and traditionally sustainable farming methods. 

Nightwatch is a company with a conscious mind and a heart for nature.

Nightwatch initiates projects to improve the quality of young planting material so the Quichua tribes can harvest healthy guayusa plants. We cooperate with and donate to reforestation and research projects with an aim for creating opportunities for Quichua tribes to monetize their ancient knowledge without encroaching on the rainforest. As Nightwatch grows, our commitment will grow too. We take our social responsibility very seriously. Focus!


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One Tray sold One Tree Planted
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