Long lasting energy

The main ingredient of Nightwatch is Guayusa, a super herb from the Amazon forest in Ecuador. Drinking Guayusa means that you get all the energy you need at that particular moment without the energy highs and lows you experience from drinking coffee and some other energy drinks.

Drinking Nightwatch makes you feel good and balanced.

The xanthines in guayusa are bound in a complex way and release their energy very slowly over time. This natural blend of molecules prevents the quick “rush” accompanied by the “restlessness” and followed by the “crash” often accredited to coffee and artificially caffeinated energy drinks. The natural xanthine blend in Guayusa gives a focussed, positive flow throughout the day.

Long lasting energy


Nightwatch' main ingredient is the Amazonian plant guayusa. The plant contains natural caffeine and sharpens your instincts. Because of our all-natural ingredients you will feel positive energy only. Our drink doesn't give you any artificial highs or lows. It will only make sure you stay focused to get the job done. 

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