5 basketball tricks to stay ahead

5 basketball tricks to stay ahead

Basketball is a game of skill, mental and physical effort. With training and focus, and more training and focus, you master your dribble. Which is crucial in both offensive and defensive basketball. 


In this blog you can read the 5 most important bastketball tricks to stay ahead.

1. Don't look at the ball

In order to have a good view of the court always keep your head up. Here’s a simple drill to do at home: turn on the TV and try to watch your favorite shows while dribbling. Going outside? Focus on a spot on the wall while dribbling, don’t look at the ball!

2. Keep the ball

When working on your dribbling, get in the habit of using your non-dribbling hand to protect the ball. Think of your offhand as a shield to fend off defenders. Of course you do not want to push off with your offhand as that will result in an offensive foul, but it is ok to use your offhand to resist the defensive player from stealing the ball.


3. Strengthen your weak hand

Moving freely and making it harder for a defensive player to guard you, is much easier when you can dribble with both hands. So whenever you practice, make your favorite moves again with your weaker hand. Are you at school or at work? Try eating with your non-dominant hand. Or spend one full day only using your weak hand.

4. How low can you go?  

Try your best to never let the basketball go above your waist. For when you remain low, you can explode much better when you’re about to attack the basket. And in addition it will be harder for a defender to steal the ball from you. Use your fingertips to push down. 

5. Never the same


Be unpredictable. Use speed and misdirection to throw your defender off. Jab steps, crossovers, and hesitations give you extra space to make a play for your team. When dribbling outdoors by yourself, work on dribbling fast and then slowing down quick. Try to change the speed and concentrate on your different moves. Having trouble to stay focused? Nightwatch is ideal teamplayer when it comes to Focus & Power. Nightwatch is 100% Plant Based and is low in sugar. Go for it!

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