Nightwatch community day

Nightwatch community day

Nightwatch organizes community days for which we invite all the farmers with whom we work. So, what does Nightwatch actually do during this community day? During the day itself we learn to know each other by chatting, cooking and eating together, and most of all just having fun. The quichua elders tell us everything about their rituals and traditions regarding guayusa but also generally about their traditional beliefs.

The Quichua farmers grow organic guayusa as they have done for thousands of years. Twice a year, Nightwatch organizes a community day to celebrate the pleasant collaboration between the Quichua tribe and Nightwatch. Besides work, there is also a festive gathering. Nightwatch makes sure there is a lot of food for everyone to share, gives speeches en makes sure the Quichua farmers understand that it is still very important to cultivate the crops in an organic and very sustainable way, like how their ancestors did already thousands of years ago. We all strive to maintain the permaculture as much as possible, which means to implement diversity in their agricultural sustainable forestry products. Also Nightwatch emphasizes on the importance to not let children under age 16 work. 

Last but not least Nightwatch also shares Nightwatch drinks with the Quichua members and by doing so, we can confirm that Nightwatch also appeals to them despite the fact they are naturally sweet-headed.

We from Nightwatch initiates projects to help Quichua communities develop better cultivation methods and to be able to profit from their traditional knowledge. Also, Nightwatch donates to several organizations, mainly NGO’s, operating in Ecuador and we sponsor scholarships, educational projects and plant trees in the areas in which we are active in the Amazon jungle (did you see our ‘one tray sold one tree planted’ promotion already :-)? ). When Nightwatch makes more profit, we will increase our commitment, and this means we will donate more. There's no set donation percentage yet, Nightwatch will need to grow substantially before our accountant can set a percentage and you can help us with that!

Quichua tribes live in small communities making a living farming small crops. It is not easy to support the community this way. Costs for middleman with equipment for drying harvests, transport costs of produce to market etc. diminish profits. By donating to NGO's specializing in training communities Nightwatch helps prevent exploitation. You can contribute by buying Nightwatch or promote Nightwatch within your network of friends, family, acquaintances, shop/restaurant/bar/supermarket/etc owners and much more. By doing so, you will help Nightwatch to grow and we will at the same time be able to support the Quichua tribe more and more. 

Please note that we find it very important that no pesticides, chemicals or any other agents are used in growing, harvesting, disinfecting or processing guayusa. Ozonated water is used to disinfect the guayusa before drying. This is allowed by organic certifiers under USDA organic and EU organic regulations. Ozone is natural and disappears quickly, 10 minutes after exposure with the environment there is no residual ozone.

Our mission is to make the world a better place by providing an organic energy drink🌎🍃⚡️Besides the great relationship we have established in the last 4 years with the Quichua tribe, we have fun working together on this fantastic project, which is filled with positive energy! The Quichua guayusa farmers want to thank you for your support 🙌🏽

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