The beginners guide to mountain biking

The beginners guide to mountain biking

Your legs push all you've got into free air. Your head enjoys the mud and keeps control. Focus and Power on wheels. Are you new into the world of mountain biking? We’re happy to share our insights! 

1. Saddle at the right height

Too high or too low a saddle position can cause you to lose a lot of power. Get good advice from your bicycle shop, especially about the height of your saddle. Tip: Place one pedal all the way down. Hold your handlebars with both hands and then place the HEEL of your shoe on the pedal. When your leg is fully extended, your saddle is usually well adjusted. Once you engage your pedals, keep a slight kink in your leg in the lowest pedal position, just as it should be.

2. Tires at the correct pressure

The softer the surface, the softer your tire. And you guessed it, the harder the surface, the harder your tire. Your tire pressure also depends on your weight and the width of your tire. Therefore always start with a hard tire, i.e. you can press it with two thumbs with some effort. If you notice that your front wheel wants to slide away in the bends, lower your pressure a bit.

3. Good clothes

Did you know that sweating consumes a lot of energy? Quick-drying clothes keep you fit longer and prevent you from cooling down too quickly. A pair of chamois pants is kind to your buttocks.

4. Taking obstacles

Obstacles are there to be overcome. If you see one coming, lower your shoulders. Then, just before the obstacle, pull your shoulders up and pull the handles with you. This will lift your front wheel off the ground. Make sure you raise your front wheel at least as high as the height of the obstacle. Once your front wheel has passed the obstacle, your rear wheel simply rolls over it.

5. Smooth braking

Always brake calmly and do not keep your brake pressed all the time on a descent. Many first time mountain bikers make the mistake of braking too hard while descending. But then you’ll slip and lose control. So take it easy.

6. Biking with your head

You do mountain biking with your bike and your head. For extra Focus & Power, drink Nightwatch, half an hour before you start. Nightwatch is the 100% Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink with guayusa and without added sugars. Grab one and go for another round, while you are out there. Also great to use during and after mountain biking. 

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