Universal Energy?

Universal Energy?

Believe it or not but there’s a link between extraterrestrial stuff and Nightwatch.

If you’ve ever seen a meteor shower you have witnessed what scientist more and more believe to be the main vehicle for dropping basic building blocks of organic life on Earth.

NASA astrobiology


A team of NASA scientists led by Michael Callahan appear to have added some critical components to the list of extraterrestrial building blocks raining down onto Earth's surface: a class of chemicals called nucleobases. Nucleobases combine to carry the genetic information found in DNA and RNA molecules, the molecules that orchestrate an organism's form and functions. The team analyzed the chemical makeup of a dozen carbon-rich meteorites plucked from different locations in Antarctica and Australia.

The team found adenine and guanine, two of the four components of DNA. The DNA double helix resembles a ladder in which adenine and guanine form the rungs of the ladder connecting with two other nucleobases. They also found Hypoxanthine and xanthine, these are not part of DNA (though they should be!) but they have important functions in other biological processes and are important intermediates in the synthesis and degradation of purine nucleotides. Since our genetic code is an ancient feature of life, it is likely that Earth’s earliest living systems used a genetic code based on these common nucleobases. One possible source of nucleobases is their synthesis on the early Earth by abiotic chemical reactions under plausible primitive Earth conditions. An other suggested source of nucleobases is the extraterrestrial delivery of organic material to Earth by comets, asteroids and their fragments as well as interplanetary dust particles.

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Watch the night with Nightwatch and feel universal energy.. 


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