The effect of Guayusa during a workout

The effect of Guayusa during a workout

As an athlete you want to make sure you take in the best nutrients possible for your body. While working out, energy is a must and nutrients that contain caffeine, are therefore important to your diet. When you consume the right kind of caffeine, you will experience long lasting energy, without highs or lows. This is why the caffeine that can be found in guayusa, is the perfect ingredient for athletes.

Guayusa does the trick

Inventing an all-natural extreme energy drink, we wanted to make sure it would be perfect for any workout. Guayusa therefore, had to be our main ingredient. The xanthines that can be found in the guayusa plants work more effective than factory produced artificial caffeine This natural blend of molecules in guayusa release their energy slowly over time.

No need to 'over sweet'

Compared to other caffeinated drinks, Nightwatch doesn’t contain what we call ‘the sugar bomb’. The energy is solely abstracted from the guayusa plant. Fast sugars will make you experience an energy dip..
But hey, wasn’t it the éxtra energy, you wanted to experience? Nightwatch prevents you from experiencing a sugar rush and the unavoidable energy dip. It gives you extreme energy, but in a positive flow, throughout your full workout.

The Effect?

Amazonian tribesmen have been drinking guayusa to hunt and guard for centuries. No wonder, the naturaleffect of guayusa caffeine on your sports performance is enormous. The long lasting energy makes you able to push further than you normally do. Besides, it ensures less muscle pain.

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