How to prevent an energy dip?

How to prevent an energy dip?

We all know the feeling of needing a bit more energy in a day, especially during these grey and grizzled days of winter. This year is wearing out on all of us and sometimes it just takes more than a good night’s sleep. The feeling of restlessness that we often experience now makes way for dips of energy after and even before activities. But there are ways to prevent those little dips.

How do dips appear?

Firstly, it’s important to know how your body works and what it is, that makes you feel energized. To move, you need ATP which is an energy carrier that comes from glucose. Glucose itself you can get from either carbohydrates or fats. However, there are of course differences in the kind of energy that they provide. 

When you think of energy and how to get it, a lot of people would reach for a coffee or an artificial energy drink. Which of course, helps you get energized. Artificial energy drinks contain what we call ‘fast sugars’. They give you the rush and energy you need just like any other sugarbomb. The problem with that: you will experience an energy dip right after trying to get out of one.So, not really a long term solution

Coffee has other disadvantages. It releases all of its caffeine at once which makes you expierence a coffee crash right after. Nightwatch' guayusa is made up of a combination of molecules that release the caffeine and thus energy, very slowly over time.  

The energy dip you get from artificial drinks has to do with your blood sugar. When this gets too high, your body makes insulin to lower it down and you will feel even more de-energized than before. A reaction would be to drink more coffee or to get another sugarbomb, but that way, you’re just going around in circles.

This isn’t what we want of course. At Nightwatch we want to help you prevent those energy dips, which is why our 100% plant based drink finds its extreme energy in natural ingredients only. 


The guayusa plant.

What does that mean for you? The guayusa plant, our main ingredient, was actually discovered by a tribe in Ecuador. Nightwatchmen would drink extractions from the plant to sharpen their instincts while hunting or guarding a village. The xanthines that can be found in the guayusa plants release their energy slowly over time. This natural blend of molecules prevents you from experiencing a sugar rush and the unavoidable energy dip. Nightwatch gives you extreme energy throughout the whole day, but in a positive flow.

Not only extreme but positive energy

Besides the xanthines, the guayusa plant also contains a high ORAC (antioxidants) value. It even contains twice as much antioxidants as, for instance a green tea does. So our drink has the ability to reduce oxidative damage to your cells which also helps to prevent energy dips. It also contains way less sugars. At Nightwatch, we don’t believe in adding extra sugar for taste and especially don’t want you to experience the energy dip that we’re trying to prevent. We only flavour with fruits and flowers that contribute to your health.

Last but not least the guayusa holds l-theanine. L-theanine helps you relax without feeling drowsy. If it’s one thing Nightwatch knows, it’s how extreme energy still needs to be positive extreme energy. And that’s exactly what we want you to feel, day and night.

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