100% natural, No additives

Nightwatch is prepared with water, herbs, fruits, flowers and nothing else. 

Even though using chemicals in beverage production to control factors like flavour or acidity and addition of preservatives and antifoaming agents are allowed, the long term effects many of these substances may have on your well being are not well researched.

We keep it simple: 

No additives.


100% natural, No additives


Nightwatch' main ingredient is the Amazonian plant guayusa. The plant contains natural caffeine and sharpens your instincts. Because of our all-natural ingredients you will feel positive energy only. Our drink doesn't give you any artificial highs or lows. It will only make sure you stay focused to get the job done. 

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Also available at: online and offline Jumbo, Hoogvliet, Jan Linders, Ekoplaza, Odin other organic supermarkets. 

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