LAST CHANCE to win two tickets for AirBadminton!

LAST CHANCE to win two tickets for AirBadminton!

Nightwatch extreme energy 100% plant based for focus and power

Nightwatch extreme energy drink 100% plant based for focus & power is made from guayusa (gwhy-you-sa). Guayusa is a super leaf that can be found in the Amazonian forests of Ecuador. 

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The not-that-coincidental sponsor of Dutch Badminton

Badminton demands physical fitness, mental well-being and increase in stamina. It happens to be the fastest racket sport in the world. Yes, faster than tennis, squash, table tennis and golf (we do mean the ball speed!) Besides, the fast pace of badminton goes with extreme intensity, looking at the percentage of time played in a rally. It’s even twice as intense as tennis in terms of gameplay! This makes badminton both exciting to play and watch. Beside fitness, players need to stay constantly aware and ready for the next shot. A sport that matches the core of Nightwatch: Extreme Energy Drink 100% Plant Based for Focus & Power!

Expiration date 28/08/2021

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What are your benefits with Nightwatch?

  • Nightwatch drink is one of the purest energy drinks you can find. Nothing artificial is added to our drink! We source all our ingredients from nature. We don't add any artificial sugar.
  • Guayusa produces xanthines such as caffeine, theobromine, l-theanine, guanidine, oleanolic and ursolic acid, wich yild focus & power.
  • The Guayusa herb used is grown and harvested exclusively for Nightwatch at a sustainable forestry project we set up together with the Quichua tribe and in collaboration with Green Matters Foundation in Ecuador.
  • Nightwatch helps indigenous people to independently generate an income with the knowledge and customs of their own culture.
  • Nightwatch is an energy drink that actually tastes natural and healthy. We only sweeten it with fruit juices, there is no addition of artificial sugars. Let's be honest, sugars found in fruits contain as many calories as refined sugar.

Nightwatch, your ultimate friend

Nightwatch, your ultimate friend. Just like a friend Nightwatch pushes you on....and on.


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