On-the-go Nightwatch at Lekkerland stores.

On-the-go Nightwatch at Lekkerland stores.

Lekkerland is listing Nightwatch as their new Extreme Energy drink. The on-the-go food specialist has chosen a sustainable path in consumption and Nightwatch' 100% plant based drink is fitting right in. 

Lekkerland, providing hungry and thirsty customers on the road, has noticed the growing demand for organic and sustainable products. Nightwatch is the biological energy drink that contains extreme energy. The main ingredient guayusa gives long-lasting energy, because of the combination of caffeine and l-theanine. Perfect, for any trip!

Lekkerland can be found at any place where you might be in need that extra bit of energy. From airport terminal to train station, from outlets to the petrol station and other fast services. With Nightwatch, Lekkerland is guaranteeing their sustainability to be long lasting like our energy. Check out their roadmap to a sustainable future

Hyrox World Series of fitness is coming to the Netherlands!

✓Unique fitness competition, accessible to every fitness enthusiast

✓25 sold-out events, 30,000 participants in Europe & the United States

✓Give a new dimension to your training, with new goals and unique!

✓Nightwatch available for long lasting energy, focus and power!!


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Hyrox World Series of fitness is coming to the Netherlands!
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