Breaking: Nightwatch goes to Qatar!

Breaking: Nightwatch goes to Qatar!

The Aspire Zone is the enormous sports centre in Doha, Qatar, with an even greater mission. By enhancing sports performance the centre wants to be reference in international Sports excellence, the coming years. Through top sports research and by offering state of the art conditions and facilities, Qatar will be the place where future pro sporters from the globe will be shaped. Starting as a true magnet for talented youngsters from the middle east and beyond. Nightwatch, the 100% Plant Based Energy drink for Focus & Power will be available in the Zone and nationwide in Qatar.


A Quick tour: 2,5 square K of high end facilities

With 2.5 square kilometres this ultimate new sports experience, boasts some of the world’s finest sports infrastructure and facilities. Cementing its reputation as one of the foremost sporting and educational institutions in the world, the Aspire Academy embraces unrivalled amenities. Research is done, talents are raised. Then there is the world’s largest indoor multi-purpose venue. The Aspire Dome is credited for offering the highest quality facilities for multiple sports and international events. And off course there’s The Khalifa International Stadium: the crown development in the Aspire Zone. The stadium’s amenities are well tailored to host major sporting events of international standard, such as the upcoming World Cup Football 2022. Welcoming fact: innovative cooling technology will be incorporated to ensure an optimal playing temperature for fans and players.


Nightwatch: powering aspirations

It’s all in the name: The Aspire Zone is the place to fuel aspirations and if anything is a good base for that, it’s long-lasting energy. Exactly what the all-natural caffeine form the guayusa plants in Nightwatch offers. Moreover, being 100% biological and vegan, Nightwatch perfectly suits young ambitious sports people who treat their body seriously. Nightwatch, the choice of a new conscious generation looks forward to shipping the first green cans and bottles to the middle east!

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