Container deposit on cans in The Netherlands

Container deposit on cans in The Netherlands

With a view on less polluted streets and seas, there is now a mandatory container deposit on cans of € 0,15.

We are here for it!

The goal is collect and recycle the approximately 2 billion cans that go over the counter every year, preventing part of it ending up as waste in our environment.

According to Milieu Centraal, an estimated 150 million cans ended up in the environment in the Netherlands in 2021. Introducing the container deposit should reduce this by 70 to 90 percent.

Hand-in devices can be found at more than 27.000 collection points. From supermarkets to cinemas.

Consumers can choose what to do with their deposit: at supermarkets you can get your deposit back, at for example cinemas and sport clubs, your deposit will be donated to a good cause.

Logically shops currently still have stock of cans without deposit. These will be sold first. You can recognize cans with container deposit by the deposit logo.

Our new cans with container deposit will go into rotation week 21, so keep an eye out!

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Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!
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