DTS Bosbaan Triathlon, powered by Nightwatch

DTS Bosbaan Triathlon, powered by Nightwatch

Dutch Triathlon Series BOSBAAN is a unique experience for both the novice and the more trained triathlete. Nightwatch Extreme Energy 100% Plant Based for Focus & Power is main sponsor of this epic event. NightWatch supports the athletes in the ultimate battle for endurance. So if ever you are trained and still want to join one of the nicest venues for triathlon: please register here for either

The Sprint triathlon: 750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run.


The Olympic distance triathlon: 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run.


Bikes, wetsuits, preparation is everything

You can bring your own bike or wetsuit, but you may also want to travel light. When you register it is possible to rent a wetsuit for € 37.50. Don’t have a bike? No problem! Participants in the DTS competitions can rent a bike for €45.00. When registering you can organize rentals or anytime later. And speaking about preparation: don’t forget to stock up enough Nightwatch. With these distances you’ll be glad you chose 100% plantbased energydrink for extra focus and power.


Wetsuit or no wetsuit?

About one week before DTS BOSBAAN we will carry out a first measurement of the water temperature. As soon as it is known, DTS will post it on their Facebook page <link> and on this website. The rules for wearing a wetsuit:


– Temperature below 15 degrees: wetsuit mandatory.

– Temperature between 15 and 22 degrees: wetsuit not mandatory, but allowed.

– Temperature above 22 degrees: wetsuit prohibited.



There are toilets and catering facilities in and around the finish. The expo is also placed around the Bosbaan. Your supporters are welcome here for some serious cheering, with plenty of opportunities to support you along the finish line. See you there!

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Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!
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