Guayusa trial in Dutch greenhouse.

Guayusa trial in Dutch greenhouse.

Nightwatch has funded a feasibility study for growing guayusa in Dutch green houses.

Currently several plants are being cultivated in a heated greenhouse to get them through the winter period. The plants are doing well but it is too early to state if they can be grown sustainably and economically viable in greenhouses.

This research is done by Jack Alblas. Jack has earned his credits by being responsible for different types of bell peppers now grown worldwide. His company: Jack's Trials, will study such things as; nutrient requirement, light regimes, choice of substrate if any and other such factors important for plant survival. Jack will grow Guayusa under the most extreme conditions to determine how much cold, heat, humidity and draught it can handle. Pretty though measures to ensure we can return better performing guayusa plants to the jungle.

This study will reach completion this summer 2019.

To be continued…


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