New resellers in Switzerland

New resellers in Switzerland

Did you know we have a partner in Switzerland? Nightwatch is for sale in many bars, restaurants and shops in Zürich and around. Navigate to our reseller page for an overview.


This week we have added the following resellers:

University of Zürich


Alnatura Schweiz / Suisse, an organic supermarket.


Brack, an online store


Swisscom Restaurant Binz


Club Vieri Zürich, a club for electronic music


Eurodrink AG, a distributor for drinks


Ole Ole Bar, a cosy bar in Zürich


Vagabundo, a restaurant with fresh and seasonal products



Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!

Nightwatch: the choice of a new conscious generation

Already since its birth, Nightwatch Extreme Energy Drink is 100% Plant Based. Nightwatch is made from Guayusa: a powerful plant from the Amazon. The natural caffeine provides long-lasting energy without the drawbacks of an artificial energy drink. Nightwatch is only flavoured with 100% organic fruit juices. So you enjoy natural taste and Focus & Power at the same time. Exactly the combination that makes Nightwatch the choice of a new generation.

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Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!
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