Nightwatch @ Ahoi Beach No 19 Zandvoort

Nightwatch @ Ahoi Beach No 19 Zandvoort

Ahoi nr 19 hangout and restaurant is a 6 generation effort! The Moolenaar family enterprise is well steered by captain Bram and his crew members. The kitchen is commandeered by the lovely chef Marlie Kinneging and she is ready to serve you the best mouthwatering foods! While your kids spend their energy in the elaborate beach playground castle area you can organically tank up on icecold Nightwatch and chill! 

Nightwatch extremely nice on ice!

A short two minute walk in NW-direction from the  Zandvoort aan Zee trainstation.. Look for the blue Ahoi flags!

Open: 09:00-20:00
Reserve: +31 (0)23 571 2633

Navigate to: Boulevard Barnaart strandafgang 19, 2041 KB Zandvoort aan Zee

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