Nightwatch and the World Series of fitness

Nightwatch and the World Series of fitness


Nightwatch brings mega fitness event HYROX to the Netherlands

HYROX, the unique fitness competition for everybody, comes to the Netherlands! The first Dutch event will take place in Amsterdam on 24 October. Imagine a new global fitness race in which millions worldwide challenge each other in endurance. Because Nightwatch gives you that natural extra of extreme power -not surprisingly- it’s is one of the main sponsors.


A supportive gift to leading sporters

To celebrate this phenomenon is landing in the lowlands, we sent a group of Dutch and Belgian leading sporters an inspirational ‘launch box’. At least half of them said they will promote HYROX actively! The box contains the Hyrox T-shirt, a Nightwatch flyer plus 4 Nightwatch samples and the Hyrox press release.


So please enjoy your HYROX-kit,


Nikki Sprang.         
Jurre Grimbergen & Fubu 

Helle Detavernier,      
Marijn van der Ploeg, 

Ilse van der Kuy,         
Karim Menne, 

Christiaan van der Berg,   
Jan van Halst, 

Mark van den Brink,         
Kim Lammers, 

Daphne Schinkel,             
Edith Bosch, 

Mike von Hutter,              
Remy Bonjasky, 

Frouke Poot,                     
Jan Smeekens, 

Bjarne ten Wolde,           
Leontien van Moorsel

Niels Verschuren,            
Tim Coronel, 

Jamel Kareem,                
Robin van Galen,

Raemon Sluiter, 

Brecht Pardoel,              
Diana Kuip, 

Elwin ter Avest,              
Bram Tankink, 

Robin Couprie,              
Leonne Stentler,

Menno Bark,                  
Floris Evers, 

Anette Gerritsen,        
Taeke Takema, 

Rachelle Verkaik,        
Tom Coronel, 

Talitha Huis, 

Valerie Schellekens,    
Carlos Plattier, 

Ingrid van der Wal,     
Tom Oosterdijk,

Sebastiaan Hartog,      
Gregory Sedoc,

Wendy Visser,               
Nicolien Sauerbreij, 

Bobbie Schipper,         
Radmilo Soda, 

Jelle Rietveld,                 
Isabelle Boone, 

Carlos Lens, 

Irma van de Pol, 

We hope to see you all at the Hyrox event in Amsterdam and Maastricht!

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And Nightwatch is so much more than just the new generation 100% Plant Based Energy drink. It provides you the energy you need and also supportive to the Quechua tribes who grow and harvest your guayusa. By drinking Nightwatch, you are enabling them to profit from their ancient knowledge and support them in preserving their culture and traditional farming methods.

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