Nightwatch in Utrecht

Nightwatch in Utrecht

Nightwatch is an Amsterdam based company but we are very happy that the Nightwatch virus is spreading through other cities in The Netherlands and even beyond borders already. 

We want to highlight some cool spots in Utrecht where you can enjoy NIghtwatch.

Broei is a space with a front garden and a beautiful interior at the Oosterkade in the heart of Utrecht where you can come together or just be alone and enjoy their food with a good book, or to work, relax hatch and share. Broei has a heart for nature and a conscious mind. They serve vegetarian food, direct trade coffee and their plants are full of life. 

State of Mind is a smartshop that since 1995 has been pure paradise to anyone with a tolerant lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a hip shisha (water pipe), an unusual type of incense or a special Buddha statue, State of Mind has it covered. This is also the place for magic truffles, herbal sexual stimulants and cannabis utensils. We are very happy that Nightwatch is also part of the tolerant lifestyle clan.

Beverage wholesaler Nectar which is based in Utrecht supplies Nightwatch. Nectar is a family business that started in 1926. The business has passed from father to son and from father to daughter. It used to be a lemonade factory where the juices and the lemonade (gazeuse) were made themselves. The company supplies its products with its own fleet. However, you can also choose to collect the goods yourself.

Do you own a spot in Utrecht and are you interested in selling Nightwatch or do you have recommendations for us in Utrecht? Don’t hesitate to let us know or hit us up.

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