Nightwatch official partner Swiss Yoga Conference

Nightwatch official partner Swiss Yoga Conference

We are very happy to be an official partner of the 4th Swiss Yoga Conference 2019 in Zurich.

No matter if you are a yoga professional or a beginner, child or adult - the versatile line-up has something for everyone.

During these three days, you can expect an exciting line-up of national and international yoga stars, who dive into the different facets of Yoga & Health together with you in unique yoga sessions of various styles, challenging master classes, interesting lectures and talks.

The prelude to these eventful days will be held on Friday, May 24 at the two ATHAYOGA studios in Zurich and Zollikon. With the Opening Groove on Friday evening, the main location on the Hirschengraben in the heart of the Limmatstadt opens its doors. A location in the heart of the Limmatstadt.

Get your ticket now and get ready for the (most) most exciting yoga event of the year.

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