Nightwatch @ Soup en Zo

Nightwatch @ Soup en Zo

Soup en Zo is a culinary take away soup shop in the Amsterdam city centre. On three locations: Spiegelstraat, the terraced Jodenbreestraat and  Van Baerlestraat outlets, Soup en Zo's chef cook prepares daily fresh soups and salads. A friendly and swift crew ensures speedy preparation and serving of a daily selection of 8 different soups! Nightwach is proud to be on the menu!

Check menus:

Here for Spiegelstraat

Here for Jodenbreestraat

Here for van Baerlestraat




Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!

Nightwatch: the choice of a new conscious generation

Already since its birth, Nightwatch Extreme Energy Drink is 100% Plant Based. Nightwatch is made from Guayusa: a powerful plant from the Amazon. The natural caffeine provides long-lasting energy without the drawbacks of an artificial energy drink. Nightwatch is only flavoured with 100% organic fruit juices. So you enjoy natural taste and Focus & Power at the same time. Exactly the combination that makes Nightwatch the choice of a new generation.

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Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!
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