Extreme Powered by Nightwatch Energy Drink! Extreme Powered by Nightwatch Energy Drink!

Badminton; try it and you know it

People who play know it: Badminton is a superdynamic sport. People who don’t know are missing out that’s why the sport and possible enthusiasts deserve the chance to date a little bit. In collaboration with Badminton Nederland, Nightwatch organizes A nationwide event to treat people everywhere on the seductions of the shuttle. In all 7 regions of Badminton Netherlands, a total of 200 badminton associations will provide 10 introductory lessons from October to December. Nightwatch welcomes approximately 2500 participants to inspire them with the power of badminton.


During discover the fastest ball sport out there

Badminton demands physical fitness, mental well-being and increase in stamina. It happens to be the fastest racket sport in the world. Yes, faster than tennis, squash, table tennis and golf (we do mean the ball speed!) Besides, the fast pace of badminton goes with extreme intensity, looking at the percentage of time played in a rally. It’s even twice as intense as tennis in terms of gameplay! This makes badminton both exciting to play and watch. Beside fitness, players need to stay constantly aware and ready for the next shot. A sport that matches the core of Nightwatch: the extreme energy drink for extreme power and focus!


Nightwatch is proud to power this dynamic sport

Nightwatch is very proud to be official partner of Badminton Nederland, finding ourselves in good company with Nederlandse Loterij, AD, Heineken, Missie H2 en Rabobank.

Together we invite you to convince yourself during this special event. Reserve your place at bring a friend and we’ll meet you there! 

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And Nightwatch is so much more than just the new generation 100% Plant Based Energy drink. It provides you the energy you need and also supportive to the Quechua tribes who grow and harvest your guayusa. By drinking Nightwatch, you are enabling them to profit from their ancient knowledge and support them in preserving their culture and traditional farming methods.

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