Skal status of Amsterdam Warehouse Co.

Skal status of Amsterdam Warehouse Co.

Amsterdam Warehouse Company is where the Nightwatch pallets of bottles and cans are stored and is Nightwatch's main point of distribution after production. It is also where we first receive our Guayusa leaves , as they are shipped from Ecuador. In order for Nightwatch to receive SKAL certification all parts of the supply chain must be SKAL certified. AWC did not have such certification so it was necessary to ship our Guayusa cargo with other companies. This was all do-able however there was much unneeded dragging around of cargo due to this lack of certification. This last week the Amsterdam Warehouse Company became fully SKAL certified and we can directly ship to our own warehouse. This saves on transport costs, it means we have more control on transport routes and we save money while decreasing our environmental imprint.

Nightwatch transport department also keeps its focus on the small details.

Great Job AWC congratulations on your new status!!

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