Stop believing you can’t taste chemicals in artificial drinks

Stop believing you can’t taste chemicals in artificial drinks

Did you know.....

Recent discoveries show human tactile discrimination to extend to the nanoscale, that is sensitivity within billionths of a meter.
Research shows humans can see single photons,
there’s strong statistical evidence of human single-photon detection.
Our sense of smell proves to be extraordinary: we can distinguish over 1 trillion scents. Finally, our ears have the ability to distinguish vibrations with amplitude smaller than the diameter of an atom.
It seems humans have the ability to directly perceive quantum events. That's right,  human direct sensory perception of quantum events.

Sense of touch: nanoscale sensitivity
Sense of vision: single-photon detection
Sense of smell: over 1 trillion scents
Sense of sound: hearing amplitudes smaller than the diameter of an atom.

Stop believing you can’t taste the chemicals! You actually can, so don't spoil your senses any longer.

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