These are Mocktail times!

These are Mocktail times!

Of course you can have a good time without alcohol. Still, in the buzz of a bar, fuzzy soda’s and sweet drinks quickly bored. But good news for the conscious generation: the quality of alternatives lately increased. Many restaurant owners now regard non-alcoholic as a big opportunity in their business model, with a giant role for organic drinks and the festive Mocktail. Offering the suprising twist of a cocktail but without the alcohol, this party phenomenon is on the rise. Even high-end restaurants and bars in leading cities such as New York, London and Paris increase their turnover with mocktails on their menu’s…


Nightwatch: best of both worlds for the perfect Mocktail

For Nightwatch, the Plant Based Extreme Energy Drink for Focus & Power, everything comes together in this trend. First of all an upcoming generation chooses fun over headaches, choosing non- or low alcoholic drinks. Secondly this increasing young group of customers consciously prefer organic over artificial. Organic, alcoholfree and no added sugar Nightwatch has both, but also is the perfect tasty base for being mixed with other flavours into a festive Mocktail.    


Mixing great factors for more revenue

Nightwatch and Mocktails are the best mix of ingredients to profit from this trend. With the great mocktail recipes displayed on the Nightwach website, bartenders are ready to treat their guests. Who in their turn are more likely to pay some more for the treat of a Mocktail than the average soda. A little Bonus on a refreshing Nightwatch Mocktail is that the one who’s in charge of driving home will stay ‘fresher’ as well. The natural caffeine in Nightwatch provided by the guayusa plant, makes sure the clientele is both surprised and energized.

Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!

Nightwatch: the choice of a new conscious generation

Already since its birth, Nightwatch Extreme Energy Drink is 100% Plant Based. Nightwatch is made from Guayusa: a powerful plant from the Amazon. The natural caffeine provides long-lasting energy without the drawbacks of an artificial energy drink. Nightwatch is only flavoured with 100% organic fruit juices. So you enjoy natural taste and Focus & Power at the same time. Exactly the combination that makes Nightwatch the choice of a new generation.

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Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!
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