What does guayusa do?

What does guayusa do?

Have you always been wondering why you get so much energy from Nightwatch? Nightwatch' main ingredient is guayusa.


The Ilex guayusa plant has played a role in rituals and lives of several Ecuadorian jungle communities for no less than 2000 years! The one community utilizing it intensively to this day is the Ecuadorian Quichua tribe. They cultivate and harvest our premium guayusa leaf. The secret knowledge about cultivation and use of Guayusa spread from the Inca empire a long time ago. They say a daily cup of tea brewed from this invigorating, uplifting plant gives strength, focus and endurance all day long.

Researching the plant, we found it to contain high levels of Xanthine alkaloids. This is the family of molecules to which Caffeine (Coffee, Tea), Theobromine (Cacao, Tea) and Theophylline (Cacao, Tea) belong. The Xanthines in Guayusa are bound in a complex way releasing their energy very slowly over time. This natural blend of molecules prevent the quick “rush” accompanied by the “restlessness” and followed by the “crash” often accredited to Coffee and artificially caffeinated energy drinks. The natural xanthine blend in Guayusa gives a focussed, positive flow throughout the day.

Don't want to read all the text? Just check out this video for a brief explanation.

Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!

Nightwatch: the choice of a new conscious generation

Already since its birth, Nightwatch Extreme Energy Drink is 100% Plant Based. Nightwatch is made from Guayusa: a powerful plant from the Amazon. The natural caffeine provides long-lasting energy without the drawbacks of an artificial energy drink. Nightwatch is only flavoured with 100% organic fruit juices. So you enjoy natural taste and Focus & Power at the same time. Exactly the combination that makes Nightwatch the choice of a new generation.

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Plant Based isn't a trend. It's the new choice!
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