The difference between Nightwatch’ all-natural energy drink and a sports drink

The difference between Nightwatch’ all-natural energy drink and a sports drink

Both starters in the gym and pro’s know: to work out, you need energy. And to get energised, there are loads of options. The first is very simple: you should get a good night's rest. It makes all the difference in the world when you get out of bed and you’ve had your 8 hours of carefree sleep.

Second of all you have to eat healthy. You are what you eat, so you want to eat as natural and varied as possible. And then -of course- there are drinks to help you get energised when needed. Question is: are there better and worse ingredients in these energy drinks? At Nightwatch we investigated different pros and cons. 

Sports Drinks

The way we see it, there are three ways to get energised by a drink. Either through a sports drink, an artificial energy drink or through an all-natural energy drink. Let’s start with the first one. Sports drinks are quite low in carbohydrates (4-8g per 100ml) which is why your body takes them in easily.

It doesn’t have any caffeine and is quite low in sugars. If you drink it after a workout, it helps you to get a bit of your energy back, by taking in the carbs, but the main focus is on dehydration. This is good for you afterwards, but doesn’t give you enough energy before or during your workout. 

Artificial Energy Drinks

What does give you energy, not surprisingly, are energy drinks. Artificial energy drinks contain a lot of sugar which makes you hyped the second you drink it. The problem is that it, in contrast to a sports drink, will not get absorbed properly by your body. Yes, sugar will give you a quick ‘up’, but right after that, you may feel de-energized because of the insulin that your body creates as a counter reaction.

All-Natural Extreme Energy

Nightwatch: the best of both worlds

Nightwatch extreme energy 100% plant based provides, ‘the best of both worlds’. Its purpose is to get you energised for a longer stretch of time. The extreme power that our drink contains, comes from the guayusa plant. This Ecuadorian herb consists of different ingredients that together release the energy, slowly over time. So there’s no use for an overload of sugars that your body can’t process.

Instead, Nightwatch contains only natural sugars that can be found in fruits and flowers. Together with the guayusan caffeine this makes it the best option for long lasting energy while working out. No artificial stuff, no sugar, just some pearls of mother nature to provide you with extreme power.

Nightwatch, the choice of a new conscious generation!

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