The terraces are opening!

The terraces are opening!

Just like you, at Nightwatch we couldn't be happier about the terraces opening again. We are looking forward to having a drink in the sun again. It is something we're not used to anymore!

Seeing familiar faces at your favourite bar, looking at all the people walking on the streets, even catching up with your friends: it is going to take a lot of energy. Nightwatch will take you through the day and provide long lasting energy. The Ecuadorian guayusa leaves contain natural caffeine and l-theanine. Together they deliver a healthy extreme energy to overcome all the new impressions of the streets. Nightwatch is sold at different cafes and bars, or you can just get yours at your local supermarket and take it to the park! 

Feeling spicy? Nightwatch is the perfect drink to mix for Mocktails. Try the Indian Summer Mocktail, or the Ginger Ninja! Have a look at the recipes. 

Hyrox World Series of fitness is coming to the Netherlands!

✓Unique fitness competition, accessible to every fitness enthusiast

✓25 sold-out events, 30,000 participants in Europe & the United States

✓Give a new dimension to your training, with new goals and unique!

✓Nightwatch available for long lasting energy, focus and power!!


Buy your ticket to the World Series of fitness here
Hyrox World Series of fitness is coming to the Netherlands!
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