This is why Nightwatch is the purest energy drink

This is why Nightwatch is the purest energy drink

It is now a known fact that Nightwatch extreme energy drink 100% plant based for focus & power trumps any artificial energy drink with a low sugar level, antioxidants and longer lasting energy. But what about other bio or natural energy drinks?

A big difference in sugars.

A lot of the natural energy drinks that go around contain more sugars than our Nightwatch energy drink. And often even twice as much. This is because of the additives or syrups they put into their drinks. At Nightwatch, the only sugars you’ll find are the naturally occurring ones. The level of sugars is therefore very low. This stimulates quick absorption and avoids you to experience a sugar crash. On top of all that, the natural sugars are found in fruits and therefore are accompanied by lots of vitamins. 

Unnecessary calories

The excessive use of sugars make for a bigger quantity of calories. This means weight gain, but also a very slow absorption of the drink. When you work out, you don’t want to feel bloated or de-energized by your energy drink. But that’s exactly what happens when your drink is high in calories. Nightwatch contains 18g/100ml of calories in comparison to 40 kcal found in other ‘natural energy drinks’, or even more.

Guayusa vs. Guarana

Moreover, there’s a big difference between the sources of caffeine used in most natural energy drinks. The guarana caffeine inserts its caffeine all at once. This makes you feel hyper and even rushed, which is not ideal whilst trying to concentrate on work or any other task. The caffeine that Nightwatch contains is found in the Ecuadorian guayusa plant. Guayusa also provides l-theanine, which in combination with the natural caffeine makes for a perfect supply of long-lasting energy. The l-theanine, causes the slow release of caffeine which makes for a powerful and extreme energy that makes you experience exceptional focus. 

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