Why organic crops are healthier than their non-organic comparators

Why organic crops are healthier than their non-organic comparators

There are different studies that compare organic and non-organic crops. At Nightwatch we have explicitly chosen to only harvest organically when it comes to our main ingredient, the guayusa plant. In this blog, we will explain to you why. 

Our main ingredient guayusa.


Nightwatch is an extreme energy drink that finds its base in the Ecuadorian guayusa plant. Tribes in the Amazon have been harvesting guayusa to make tea from it. They drink the tea to sharpen their instincts and guard their villages at night. Several years ago, we started working with these tribes in order to provide you with that same focus and power that the Quichua tribe enjoys. There are different ways to harvest crops. A lot of farmers use pesticides to protect them from bad harvests. Pesticides are legal because they minimise food waste and aren’t bad for you. ‘Not bad’ however, is not good enough for us at Nightwatch. We choose to only farm organically. 

Why? Research has been done for so long on the pros and cons of organic and non-organic food. At Nightwatch we take these findings seriously. 



First of all, we minimise food waste in the best way we can. To do this, we use organic pesticides that protect the guayusa plants from diseases and insects. Thereby, we research and work on ways to not deplete the soil we use to farm. We own projects that work on reforestation and can say that our farming is sustainable. 

Research however, has shown that organically grown crops are indeed better for you than their non-organic comparators. The British Journal of Nutrition has published this research. They have found that the concentration of different antioxidants in organically grown crops are significantly higher than the ones in non-organically grown crops. Antioxidants are compounds that help defend your cells against any bad damage. The specific antioxidants were found to be linked to the diminishing chance of getting chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, a general term for heart and vessel problems, and certain cancers. 


Toxic metal in non-organic crops


Also, the concentration of pesticides residues found in non-organically grown crops was noteworthy higher. Now, we have just established that pesticides are ‘not that bad’. This research however, found 4 times more residues of pesticides in non-organically grown crops, containing heavy toxic metals. This particular toxic metal (cd) has a maximum when it comes to its appearance in crops, because of its toxic nature. Cd accumulates in the liver and kidney and are therefore not healthy for you. 

The guayusa plant is not only grown without these pesticides, it also contains antioxidants itself, is grown sustainably, financially supports the Quichua tribes and is the only Extreme Energy drink that is grown fully organically. 

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