Why we keep our sugar level beneath the norm: new research.

Why we keep our sugar level beneath the norm: new research.

Nightwatch is a 100% plant-based drink. Our extreme energy drink only contains its naturally occurring sugars, with a level beneath the maximum norm of 5%.  We explicitly choose to keep it that way. Because once again, research has shown that too much sugar is bad for you. Moreover, it decreases your learning and memory abilities. 

New research on too much sugar


The University of Georgia has been doing new research on the effect of sugars on our brain and memory. When you eat a lot of sugar, a bacteria called Parabacteroides arises in the gut. This nasty germ gets to the brain and affects your ability to remember. So, the more sugar you consume at a younger age, the sooner your memory task will get impaired.

Aside from this study, there’s a ton of reasons not to exceed your daily sugar limit. It affects your mood and can even increase your level of sadness. Let alone the well-known health risks like obesity and addiction. 

Nightwatch: short ánd long term positive effects

At Nightwatch, we believe that an energy drink should cause mainly positive effects. Sugar boosts for a short time, but disappoints in the longer term. After athe quick ‘rush’, the ‘crash’ can kick in, and your energy levels drop. That’s why our Extreme Energy drink consists of 100% plant-based extreme energy with a sugar level beneath the 5% norm. Short termed, you will feel long lasting energy. Without the downside of a sugar or caffeine 'crash' afterwards. 

No rush

Another advantage brings the L-theanine inside the guayusa ingredient. This causes the caffeine to release slowly, which is why it lasts longer and prevents any rushed feelings. The long term effects are great as well. It will namely, not affect your memory or learning abilities. Instead, the guayusa plant helps you to focus while exercising and learning new things! 

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