World of Food of Food

In de garage van de nu afgebroken Bijlmer galerij flat Develstein zit sinds 2015 het exotische World of Food. De tientallen kiosken uit alle windstreken zorgen voor gezonde voeding. Ook wordt 100% planned based Nightwatch aangeboden.

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Nightwatch drink is one of the purest energy drinks you can find. Nothing artificial is added. We only sweeten with fruit juices, no added sugar. We flavor with organic essential oils from flowers. The flowers and herbs used to flavor Nightwatch are sourced from certified organic suppliers. The main ingredient of Nightwatch is Guayusa, a super herb from the Amazon. After harvesting we cold brew Guayusa, thus preserving the wonderful properties of the leaf as much as possible.

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Get the energy you need! Now with 10% discount.
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