Rowing is for life

Rowing is for life

The tough and beautiful work for the rowers is over in Tokyo. It is always wonderful to see that combination of pure flexibility and ultimate strength. Rowing is one of the toughest sports out there. Paradoxically, it is also a sport that you can continue to practice into old age. Nightwatch, the most ideal energy drink for sports – found out how this works.

Heavy but safe sport

Rowing is one of the safest sports. That's because it's one of the safest and least burdening sports. Well executed and in smooth movements, a rower has little or no chance of injury, as is the case with high-impact sports. Rowing also keeps the heart healthy, so all in all, rowing is a great form of exercise for people of all ages.

Rowing may result in a healthy bmi

Rowing can create a healthy balance between lean body mass and fat mass in your body. If your body fat is high, rowing is an excellent way to burn it. Yes, you can sit comfortably. But did you know that rowing burns an average of 377 calories in 30 minutes? By comparison, competitive rowers consume almost twice as many calories on 2,000 meters as runners on a steep 3,000-meter run. Do you want to work on your bmi? Rowing pays off.

Protect yourself with a strong core

Another secret to why rowing helps you into old age is that it strengthens your core pre-eminently. This is because you train your neutralizing and stabilizing muscles with it. These are the same muscles that help you to walk upright instead of falling over. But they also prevent you from suddenly experiencing pain when you bend over and pick up something heavy.

All-round workout as a basis for other sports

Regardless of the sport you practice; rowing is your perfect basic workout. Because it trains so many muscle groups, arms, shoulders, legs and back get stronger and stronger. From strength training to swimming, from football to tennis, rowing helps you train and practice other sports. A lifetime. Because…

Rowing strengthens the heart

Indeed. The contraction time of the muscles is much longer in rowing than in other sports such as cycling or running. So you tense your muscles for a relatively long time. The heart and blood vessels therefore have to work extra hard to get the blood pumped. Because the heart and the vessels have to work harder, rowing is very good for the cardiovascular system.

Row, drink and let the energy flow

Rowing is an endurance sport. You need long-term energy for that. Energy drinks can help, but be aware: there is a difference. Many varieties contain artificial caffeine that is released in your body as a boost but quickly disappears. Nightwatch is the 100% plant-based extreme energy drink for focus and power, with extract of the Guayusa plant. Its substances release the caffeine slowly over time, without the quick highs and lows. Guayusa also contains the alkaloids theobromine and theophylline, which increase your ability to focus and raise your energy levels. So grab a Nightwatch an row, row, row your boat!


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