Freelance account manager (NL)

We are looking for freelance account managers throughout the Netherlands. Nightwacht is a company with a heart for nature and plant-based energy, but we also find it very important to build and maintain good relationships with our accounts.

We understand the importance of collaborations and the ongoing conversation about our product and its development. You will support those collaborations by realising brand awareness, visability, sales value and margin.

Your tasks would be to:

  • Build a relationship with new accounts; approach events and potential companies.
  • Realising brand visuality and therefore awareness of our natural and positive extreme energy drink
  • Make agreements about product placement, promotions, order behaviour and terms of delivery
  • Talk about the appearance of the brand and the optimization of sales
  • Make for a qualitative appearance inside and if possible, also outside of the account
  • Accompany the account in their relationship with Nightwatch by handling all of the developments of each brand
  • Report to the National Accountmanager by setting up progress- and market reportings and constructing trends. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone that has character, humor and loves working with other people. It’s important to be empathetic, independent, eager to learn and with a strong personality. We expect you to be accurate-, service-, quality-, customer- and solution oriented. You should be able to connect with a marketeer, just as well as with a bar- or restaurant entrepreneur and not have the 9 till 5 attitude. 

What do we expect from you?

  • Minimum of 1 year sales experience
  • A passion for Nightwatch and thus natural positive energy
  • Strong communication skills
  • Creative: you always look for possible developments and sustainable relationships
  • Energetic, ambitious, persistent and proactive.
  • Recognition for buying prospects and the situation of an account
  • Positive attitude towards others; trustworthy 

Nightwatch is a fast growing company and we hope your energy can contribute to that. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at


Nightwatch' main ingredient is the Amazonian plant guayusa. The plant contains natural caffeine and sharpens your instincts. Because of our all-natural ingredients you will feel positive energy only. Our drink doesn't give you any artificial highs or lows. It will only make sure you stay focused to get the job done. 

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