What can we do while combating litter?

What can we do while combating litter?

In response to an article by the NOS, we find it important to talk to you about the reduction of litter. Our population is growing everyday, aswell as the amount of trash that we produce. The consequences are very well known. Plastic bottles and cans age very well. In fact, while cans take 50 years to perish, plastic bottles will never. This is something we need to counter. 


Love for nature


Our Nightwatch drink is made from natural ingredients only. Therefore, we love nature. It provides us with everything we need, focus and power, and we can not live without it. The nature that we love, flourishes best when there's no trash hanging around. That is why we support multiple organisations and initiatives that counter the ignorance of people regarding litter. 

The raising of taxes on tin cans is something that should encourage you to recycle them. Our Nightwatch drink is available in cans which is a conscious choice owning the fact that it is easily recycable. You must therefore take action yourself and save your cans. Nightwatch will give you the 100% natural energy to go ahead and recycle our cans and glass bottles. 

What can you do?

But cans are not the only litter roaming around. Milieu Centraal gives you tips on how to reduce your waste production. Simple things like reusing your water bottle, but also the sharing of things and places (like an office) and making your mailbox a no-go zone. 

Maybe you feel like that isn't going to cut it. We understand and feel the same way. Initiatives like DepoClean and EnjoyCleaningUp motivate you to go ahead and just clean out nature from litter. Nightwatch feels like the awareness about waste is spreading slowly and we will contribute to fasten this spreading. We hope to inspire our aware customer so that everyone keeps on recycling our natural energy drink. 

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